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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ALC-Parking?

Our parking services are ideal for frequent visitors, commuters, and airline staff. Other car parks limit the use of their long term shuttle service to around one per month with their unlimited service and this is where we are different, as we really do offer unlimited collections and deliveries. The service can be used by you, your family, or your friends as regularly as you require.

Can you transfer babies or wheelchair users?

We are currently unable to transport children under 3 years or people with wheelchairs therefore we recommend either dropping them off prior to your arrival at the compound, or with prior arrangement we can take you in your own vehicle, avoiding you the inconvenience of unpacking the car.

How close are you to the airport?

Our office, and the drop-off point, is situated adjacent to the airport entry road. We are the first compound on the Torrellano road just 250 metres from the airport facility. As we are so close and on the same side as the terminal, our shuttle is able to arrive at the terminal very efficiently. We are not required to go onto the main road or have to go to El Altet to change direction like the majority of the parking companies. This saves a lot of time and our clients are therefore normally collected within 5 minutes of calling us. The parking compound is situated less than a kilometre from the airport.

What other services do you offer?

For short term stays we offer small item storage and external vehicle cleans. For long term stays, while you are away we can have your vehicle professionally cleaned, outside and inside. Mechanical work and maintenance can be arranged, and we can also I.T.V. (M.O.T.) your vehicle if required, as your insurance is invalid without a current I.T.V.

How does the long term parking service work?

All you are required to do is reserve your collections and deliveries via our online booking system. Once you arrive at our compound you will be greeted by our friendly staff and checked in. We will then take you to the terminal and when you return we will collect you.

How does the short term parking service work?

Simply book your parking stay, and any optional extras. You will be immediately emailed instruction on how to arrive and we will be waiting at our parking compound on your chosen drop-off and collection dates to transport you to and from the airport. Should you need to extend your stay you may do so at any time online with our management system.

Should you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.